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Sometimes catching an animal is simply not enough.  The problem is once you remove an animal there is now a vacant home on your property.  To worsen the situation there is now a scent that lingers inviting future animal to come and setup shop.  Investing in animal proofing services is well worth the cost.  A'lot of times an animal will come back in the spring time and has babies.  This  will end up costing you more money than just taking care of the problem.  All of All Animal Removal And Restorations animal proofing services comes with a 5 year warranty.  If the animals find their way back in we will come and remove them for free.  We use the highest quality materials so rust and wear is not a option.  We leave your property in better condition that we found it.  Many times replacing mulch and lattice is necessary to ensure the appearance is wonderful.   

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Animals  Under The Concrete 

- After a skunk is trapped and removed it is essential that you animal proof the concrete.  We return to houses 40% of the time within 5 years if the structure is not proofed.  With our 5 year warranty you have nothing to loose.  If an animal has babies under your concrete it can cost you thousands in lost time and removal fees.  The other problem we see alot of is when an animal dies under the concrete.  A smell lingers for weeks sometimes breaking the concrete is the only way to remove the carcass.  

-Top Reasons to proof your home 

1. Animals can attack your domestic pets.

2. Animal can attack you or your children to defend their den

3. Animals can dig out the rock under the concrete causing the concrete to collapse.

4. Animals can have babies further complicating the situation.

5.  Animals Invite other animals

6. Animals can leave behind droppings and harmful disease.

There are many more reasons to animal proof unique to each situation 

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