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When you have a random dead skunk on your property more than likely it died of a disease such as rabies.  Many times customers call us and inform that there is a skunk that appears to be lost,sick,disoriented or twitching.  More than likely this skunk has rabies.  It is not uncommon at all for us to encounter skunks with Rabies.  It is very important that you stay clear of the skunk and have All Animal Removal come and take care of the situation.  Also keep all pets clear of the skunk so it does not contract the disease.  Did you know insurance companies do not cover the Rabies Vaccicine and this can cost Tens of thousands of dollars.  Also if a person contracts rabies and is not treated within 24 hours they can die within 12 days.  A skunk with Rabies is a serious situation that should not be ignored. 

Dead/ Rabid Skunk Removal