Raccoon In The Attic Removal

Our Procedure 

Easy as 1,2,3

1. Send a technician to your location to identify where the animal has gained access to your home and document all damages to the property.

2. Setup devices to catch or exclude the animals from the structure.

3. Once animals are caught and we are sure there is nothing else we can decide the best way to repair the structure.

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Nobody knows better than the home owner that a raccoon walking above their head at night is nothing short of terrifying.  These powerful and intellectual animals are causing thousands of dollars of damage by night and sleeping by day.  You can expect a raccoon to urinate and defecate all over insulation and drywall.  Other dangers can include raccoon round worm and chewing of electrical wires causing a fire.  Depending on the time of the year is what they are doing in your attic.  For example in March And April they are having their babies.  While in November they are trying to stay warm and prepair to have babies.  The key word here is babies no matter what time of year it is they are always getting ready to have babies.  It is very important that you take action before the babies are in the attic because the situation only becomes more expensive and complex.  All Animal Removal is well aware that a personal approach to each situation ensures a successful removal of raccoons.  There are many different entry points that a raccoon can gain access to your home.  Attic vents, Soffits, Facia, Siding etc.  Our trained professionals can rid you home of pests today!