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When a raccoon is living under your deck there are many problems that can arise for a home owner.  Nobody likes the feeling that their leg may be bitten when walking into their own back yard and you should not allow discomfort within your property.  A major concern when a raccoon is under the deck is domestic animals having a run in with the Raccoons.  Not only is it expensive to take your pet to the Vet it is very inconvenient a run in with your pet is not necessary.  Another major problem is when these animals have babies under the deck.  When a mother Raccoon has babies under the deck they will usually become defensive and that can be a major problem for families.  The list of reasons to not allow Raccoons to live under the deck goes on and on.  Each situation is unique and calls for a personal plan of action to remove the Raccoons.  

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Raccoon Under Deck Removal