1. Skunks can have up to eight babies at a time.
  2. When taken care of by a professional the consequences of skunk odor is highly reduced.
  3. Skunks dig cone shaped holes in mulch and grass.
  4. Skunks tend to dig under concrete to create dens for their young.  
  5. Burrowing skunks can cause major damage to concrete.  After a skunk removes the gravel or dirt from under concrete it can cause a shift or break.
  6.  Skunks tend to be the main carrier of the rabies disease.
  7. A skunk can spray up to ten feet.
  8. It is not uncommon for a skunk to fall into a window well or get stuck in a pipe.  

If a skunk falls into the window well it is essential that you have a professional take care of it.  The reasons why might not be obvious to the homeowner until it is to late.  Here are the reasons why a professional should take care of a skunk in a window well.  When a skunk falls into a window well it usually does not spray.  For the most part they will not spray unless a untrained person sticks something into the pit.  A true professional can get a skunk out of a well and it not spray 80% of the time.  We have special tools designed for the removal of skunks in window wells.  Consequences of improper removal is  saturating your house with skunk smell.  This smell can sink into your fabric, drapes, couches, beds so on and so on.  This smell can ruin items in your house forever.  Another major problem we have seen is when homeowners neglect to remove the skunk from the well.  The skunk can dig into the drain and become stuck.  This can end up costing the homeowner thousands of dollars to dig up the drain and replace it.  

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Skunk Removal In Window Well