Skunk Removal Under Deck

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  1. Skunks can have up to eight babies at a time.
  2. When taken care of by a professional the consequences of skunk odor is highly reduced.
  3. Skunks dig cone shaped holes in mulch and grass.
  4. Skunks tend to dig under concrete to create dens for their young.  
  5. Burrowing skunks can cause major damage to concrete.  After a skunk removes the gravel or dirt from under concrete it can cause a shift or break.
  6.  Skunks tend to be the main carrier of the rabies disease.
  7. A skunk can spray up to ten feet.
  8. It is not uncommon for a skunk to fall into a window well or get stuck in a pipe.  

When a skunk goes under your deck don't expect it to go away unless handled by a professional.  The first thing you want to know is where is this skunk living under there. Does your house have siding or is it brick?  If you have siding there is a possibility that this Skunk can dig in between the ceiling of the basement and the first floor.  Another question to ask is do you have a old concrete step that the deck builders built over?  If so more than likely the skunk has dug a burrow underneath.  These questions can all be answered by All Animal Removal.  We have personalized plans of action to eradicate your skunk problem.

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